Lamb Shares


What is a Lamb SHare?

In the Fall of 2020, we will be offering our first round of Icelandic lamb shares. You will purchase either a whole or half lamb which will be slaughtered by our trusted shearer and itinerant slaughterer here at the farm. After your pick your share up, you can either cut your lamb share yourself, or take it to one of the talented butchers in our area to be cut and packaged however you prefer. TSF does not cover cut and wrap fees on your behalf.

Our lambs are raised on their mother’s milk and grass only. They spend their summer rotating through our pasture with their mothers and siblings. They live the ideal sheep’s life. By grazing all season, they fertilize our pasture plants, build soil, help prevent erosion, and can even sequester carbon. Because they are smaller animals, they tread much lighter on the land compared to cows. We reach for natural remedies before conventional ones for most ailments.

Why do I have to buy a whole or half lamb?

Vermont has a lovely little law that allows us to sell meat that is slaughtered on our farm, a.k.a their home. All that is required for us to do this is sell our lamb meat at “live weight” to you, hire an itinerant slaughterer to come to our farm, and give your meat to you in whole or half carcass form. The meat cannot be cut any further by the slaughterer or farmers before being transferred to you.

This allows us to give our lambs the best possible death, and therefore life, by letting their final moments transpire where they were born and feel comfortable. Though we do have access to a local, well respected and humane certified slaughterhouse, we feel that bringing our well-loved meat lambs there creates unnecessary stress for them (and us!). It may feel overwhelming or uncomfortable to place yourself one step closer to the end of a life, but we believe that there is no life without death, so we strive to respect and cherish the process just as much as we do birth.

How much meat will there be?

You can expect to receive about 15lbs of meat per lamb, depending on the cuts you decide to get.