Our certified organic flock of one hundred Khaki Campbell ducks are the backbone of Take Stock Farm. We raise them on pasture for their eggs, which are rumored to be some of the most delicious in the duck world. Duck eggs are larger than chicken's and contain more protein, omega 3s, vitamin D, and healthy fats. They especially shine in baked goods and asian dishes. 

Ducks have a big appetite for larger gardens pests like slugs and snails, are easily herded, and do wonderfully in cold weather, making them a far better addition to our pasture and garden management plans than chickens could ever be.

The ducks have lived here since their first day of life and have been raised organically. A pair of American Buff Geese named Ramona and Regina are the flock guardians, causing a huge fuss when the tiniest threat - such as a leaf blowing in the wind - appears. 


“Thank you so much for providing such a great alternative to chicken eggs. My son is allergic to chicken, but fine with duck! And they are of course delicious!” - Holly