July, July

Me oh my, Charlie and I have been in full swing since late March. The season came on fast and furious as soon as our first seedlings were ready to be planted. 

We now have almost 1 acre in active production. Doing particularly well are our tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, brusselssprouts, and cabbage. Successes always come with some challenges as well, though. Our spinach crop was a total flop, and we almost lost our chard. What are now our vegetable plots were, for many many years prior, just pasture. All of the soil we are growing in hasn't seen the light of day in hundreds of years, probably. And now it has the hard job of breaking down all of the pasture grasses and roots that were turned over during plowing. All of this is to say: our soil is working hard to decompose the new organic matter in it and also grow our cultivated plants big and strong. This tall order can lead to unpredictable yields and problems. But as we continue to rebuild the nutrients in our vegetable plots, it can only get sweeter!


Nevertheless, we are happy with our first season. We have enough food to bring to the farmer's market, and chefs around the state, and just enough leftover to give away to friends and family. In other news, we brought home a small flock of Icelandic sheep! They munch away contentedly on our pastures all day, and were just recently sheared. The ducks are happy as well, like they always are, and continue to lay a massive number of eggs each day. Their wings are crossed for a speedy organic certification - which should be arriving by the end of summer!

Stay cool, 




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